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The automotive market is evolving rapidly, with Electric Vehicles (EVs) now accounting for approximately 18% of global car sales, a figure that continues to rise. Concurrently, regulatory advancements are mandating new safety measures such as autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warnings, and driver monitoring systems. Consumers are also demanding sophisticated infotainment systems that integrate seamlessly with their driving experience, connecting to cloud services and mobile devices. To support these needs, Radar and LiDAR technologies are now essential for external vehicle sensing, while Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radar inside the vehicle ensures safe presence detection. Additionally, 3D audio rendering provides auditory cues for enhanced safety. Cars have transformed from simple modes of transport into personalized hubs of connectivity, akin to phones on wheels – connected, perceptive, and AI-driven marvels of modern technology. Enjoy reading.
Moshe Sheier, VP Marketing, Ceva
MWC Shanghai
Blog: Evaluating Spatial Audio – Part 2
Kaushik Sethunath, Audio Test Engineer and Content Developer, Ceva.
One important tool in any audio engineer’s arsenal is having a curated selection of content for testing purposes. Anyone can learn from this habit, as the key here is that it must be audio that one is intimately familiar with, in terms of how it sounds. Thus, referencing it on a variety of playback systems reveals a lot of useful information, as one’s ears have a deep understanding of what it is supposed to sound like.  
Blog: Multi-Protocol Communication Systems
Franz Dugand, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Wireless IoT BU, Ceva.
There’s a clear trend in wireless standards toward delivering increased wireless performance, higher bandwidths and lower latencies. This is important not only for raw speed but also in support of the rapidly growing number of devices that want to connect through different protocols, say in a smart home: smart speakers and TVs, thermostats, robot vacuums, smart window blinds, smart ovens and refrigerators, video doorbells, this list is endless. 
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Real Time Slam video
Ever wondered how robots navigate or AR overlays stay perfectly aligned? The magic lies in SLAM, or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. This video showcases a joint SLAM demo by Ceva and Van-Gogh Imaging, accelerated by Ceva's powerful Ceva-SensPro2 DSP. 
See it in action >>
Event: Sensores Converge 2024
June 24-26, 2024
Sensors Converge 
Santa Clara ,CA,USA
Event Website  |  Book a meeting
Event: TSMC Japan 2024
June 28,2024
TSMC Technology Symposium Japan
Kanagawa, Japan
Event Website  |  Book a meeting
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Cision 13/05/2024
Breakthroughs in AI Chips and Image Recognition Propel Market Growth and Business Enhancements
"...Earlier this year, Ceva also expanded its AI ecosystem for its class-leading NeuPro-M NPU IP with the addition of two new partnerships targeting automotive and vision-based Edge AI applications." 
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Earnings call: CEVA sees growth in Q1 2024 with strong royalty revenue
"CEVA , Inc., a leading provider of smart edge IP solutions, has reported a robust first quarter in 2024, with significant year-over-year royalty revenue growth." 
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