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Semiconductor IP Academy
November 23rd 2020
08:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST
Duration: 1 hour


3D Audio technology has been around for a while, but its recent advent, presented by tech giants has opened an interest to push its boundaries with innovative use cases.
3D audio will see rapid adoption in applications such as gaming, video and music playback by generating an immersive real life audio environment through which the listener can distinguish the distance of the sound.
While VR and AR headsets were the first natural candidates to deploy 3D Audio as they already have high-quality head tracking data for graphics rendering - same data is now used for positioning audio. Besides the existing use cases – 3D Audio will improve our day to day listening experience and with accurate head tracking, will pave the way for new applications making it a mandatory feature for any type of hearable device.
This webinar will present the Spatial (3D) audio technology fundamentals and describe the CEVA and VisiSonics innovative solution for embedded devices. It surveys the origin of the technology, its advantages, use cases and applications. In addition it explores the revolution in the way we listen to audio.

Join CEVA and VisiSonics experts to learn about:

  • Multichannel Audio and Ambisonics
  • 3D Audio Applications and markets
  • HRTF and Head-tracking for 3D Audio

Target Audience

Audio system engineers and product managers targeting Audio enabled devices, that are looking to add 3D Audio capabilities to Hearables, Smart home, Mobile, and Automotive products.


Elia Shenberger
Director of Business Development, Sound BU, CEVA Inc.
Ramani Duraiswami
CEO and Founder, VisiSonics

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